Girls Night-Mare Out Ghost Tour

50 S. Washington St. • Naperville, IL 60540

TICKET INFO: $25 Per Person


You'll shudder in awe at the true and terrifying tales of local ghastly ghostly gals from the other side. Thrill to the true tales of The Girl in Pink, Seat G42, Naperville's Wicked Witch, Demon House, The Vampire Connection, The Bride Wore Ice, and much more.

In addition, see and hear first-hand accounts, photos and voices of famous female phantoms: Accused Murderess Lizzie Borden, Lady Bormann, Hitchhiker Helen, Restless Jessie, Mary Todd Lincoln, and more.

Plus the topic: How are male & female ghosts different from each other?

All female phantoms, all the time... There is no other ghost tour like this, anywhere.

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