Naperville is home to many great museums and tour services that can transport you into the past, cure your culinary cravings, inspire young minds, or just give you a good scare.

Bites and Sites

Our guided, narrated downtown Naperville tour visits 6 food tasting locations in the historic, delicious downtown and train station area. All food tastings, enough for lunch, are included in the ticket price. We cover a wide range of different tastings. See the tastings locations to the right.

Beside the food tastings our guides will dish up a side order of fun facts on the rich history that makes Naperville so awesome. Along the way our guides will point out many of the architectural buildings, and hidden works of art,sculpture and murals throughout the area.

Whether you have lived in Naperville all your life, or just moved into the area,on the Naperville Food Tour you will discover some great tastes and history facts that makes Naperville an outstanding city. The Naperville Food Tour is a great activity for groups of friends, team building, wedding parties, bachelorette parties, foodies, or for anybody looking to discover the hidden gem of Naperville just outside of Chicago.

LOCATION: 5th Avenue • Naperville, IL 60540

PHONE: 630-347-6553


Century Walk

Genevieve looks up at us from her bench outside of Barnes and Noble on Washington Street. The Cat and the Hat practically takes our hand and strolls with us into Nichols Library. Officer Friendly, known to us today as Mayor Pradel, reminds the children of Naperville to be careful on one way streets ensuring the safety of our town's youngest citizens. We are reminded of uncommon valor when we gaze upon five of Naperville's most highly decorated servicemen from World War II immortalized in the bronze sculpture Veterans' Valor in the plaza next to the YMCA.

Each of these works is just one of the 40+ pieces of public art that make up Naperville's Century Walk. In 1996, Century Walk began as a public art initiative featuring murals, mosaics, reliefs, mobiles, and sculptures throughout downtown Naperville. Each of the first 30 pieces in some way represents the history of Naperville during the twentieth century through people, places and events. It is a fascinating way to portray the history of Naperville through public art. Several of the last pieces were not limited to historical themes as they expand the body of artwork throughout Naperville.

What makes the Century Walk stand out among public art projects is that the art work embraces the community which it represents, and the community which it represents becomes involved in the pieces of art themselves. As you look upon the faces in the crowd of The Great Concerto at the Community Concert Center in Central Park, do you recognize anyone? Look closely. This was Century Walk's 23rd piece of public art, and the faces of over 56 residents of our community are depicted on this epic work. The inclusion of the faces was part of a fund-raiser by Century Walk to help fund the project. The muralist, Bart Gunderson, spent 1,600 hours creating The Great Concerto. Because of the timelessness of this historic piece, we can delight in finding the faces of our friends, family and neighbors, not only in the crowd during summer concerts, but also in the artwork itself.

LOCATION: 34 W.Chicago Ave., Suite B • Naperville, IL 60540

PHONE: 630-355-5553


DuPage Children's Museum

Watch your children's eyes light up with wonder and curiosity as they explore over 150 hands on activities within the brightly colored walls of a unique, three-story discovery center ...where learning comes in to play! Innovative activities invite both you and your children to splash, construct, build, create, and play in lively learning neighborhoods within DuPage Children's Museum: Build It, AirWorks, Make It Move, Creativity Connections, Math Connections, and Waterways. Even the littlest ones are at home at the Museum in three different Young Explorers areas, catering to children from birth to 24 months. The Good Show Gallery and the Interact with Art Gallery offer interactive ways to introduce children to the colorful, creative, inspirational world of art while daily Studio Drop-In activities allow you and your child to actually create your own take-home works of art. The Museum was awarded 2013 Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Award. Gift memberships are available. Open year-round, seven days a week, except the first two weeks of September. Check out the events section of this Visitors Guide for a listing of special events year-round at DuPage Children's Museum.

LOCATION: 301 N. Washington St. • Naperville, IL 60540

PHONE: 630-637-8000


Girls Night-Mare Out Ghost Tour

You'll shudder in awe at the true and terrifying tales of local ghastly ghostly gals from the other side. Thrill to the true tales of The Girl in Pink, Seat G42, Naperville's Wicked Witch, Demon House, The Vampire Connection, The Bride Wore Ice, and much more.

In addition, see and hear first-hand accounts, photos and voices of famous female phantoms: Accused Murderess Lizzie Borden, Lady Bormann, Hitchhiker Helen, Restless Jessie, Mary Todd Lincoln, and more.

Plus the topic: How are male & female ghosts different from each other?

All female phantoms, all the time... There is no other ghost tour like this, anywhere.

LOCATION: 50 S. Washington St. • Naperville, IL 60540

PHONE: 630-205-2664


Haunted Hometowns

Stroll brick-paved walkways lit by antique-style street lamps while admiring "painted lady" Victorian mansions and the stately North Central College campus. So beautiful, yet so haunted, with authentic Naperville ghosts such as Charlie Yellow Boots and the terrifying Specter of Seibert Hall. The highlight of this route is ghost hunting at the site of the Great Naperville Train Disaster, and the countless true spectral encounters experienced ever since . . . sometimes even by our tour guests. This Historic District ghost tour is typically the most EMF-active of all our ghost tour routes--and already this year is the liveliest ever!

LOCATION: 43 E. Jefferson Ave. • Naperville, IL 60540

PHONE: 630-978-7033


Knoch Knolls Nature Center

Visitors are invited to explore the fascinating DuPage River and its branches that teem with life of all kinds. The East Branch and West Branch of the DuPage River join together here at Knoch Knolls Park, creating a unique confluence of water and land. The Nature Center provides a window into the underwater world found right in our community. Take a journey back in time through our interpretive exhibits that tell the tale of the river's formation, local wildlife and the river's impact on the lives of our ancestors up through the present day. The 900-gallon freshwater tank provides a glimpse into the world of the river. The spacious deck overlooking the pond and the West Branch of the DuPage River sets the stage for beginning your outdoor exploration. Additionally, the Nature Center's numerous LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) features, including a cistern for collecting rainwater and the "living wall," illustrate the importance of conserving our natural resources for future generations.

LOCATION: 320 Knock Knolls Rd. • Naperville, IL 60565

PHONE: 630-864-3964


Naper Settlement

Just steps from downtown Naperville, Naper Settlement is Chicagoland's outdoor history museum, offering interactive activities for all ages. Tour historic buildings, visit with interpreters in time-period clothing and enjoy programs on and off-site. The village tells the story of how life changed throughout the 19th century for the people of northern Illinois in towns such as Naperville. Naper Settlement has more than 40,000 historic objects and archival materials, over 10,000 photographs related to local history, and a research library. Wedding services, meeting rentals, parties, lectures and educational programs are additional offerings year round. Caroline Martin Mitchell laid the groundwork for Naper Settlement by donating her family's Victorian mansion and surrounding 212 acres to the City of Naperville in 1936. Today, her home has been brought back to its original Victorian splendor and is open to visitors. Check out the events section of this Visitors Guide for a listing of special events year-round at Naper Settlement.

LOCATION: 523 S. Webster St. • Naperville, IL 60540

PHONE: 630-420-6010


Naperville Fine Art Center & Gallery

The Naperville Fine Art Center & Gallery is open to the public and features classes, workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions. The Naperville Art League, founded in 1961, provides art instruction and education, encourages interest in all forms of creative art, stimulates understanding and appreciation of art in the community, and participates in other related activities.

LOCATION: 508 N. Center St. • Naperville, IL 60563

PHONE: 630-355-2530


Naperville Trolley Tours

Learn about old Naperville, and see the new Naperville! This one hour Historic Tour of Naperville blends the past with the present, highlight's Naperville's growth, and includes some fun stories! Offered every Friday, departing at 11:00am during June, July, and August (and special dates/times may be added between September and December). Meet at the "Trolley Stop" on Jackson Ave at Eagle Street by 10:50 am. Trolley is fully enclosed and will run rain or shine, no refunds. It's a "must do" while in town! Ding! Ding!

LOCATION: Jackson Avenue and Eagle Street • Naperville, IL 60540

PHONE: 630-420-2223


The Millennium Carillon

Seems easy from the outside. Looking up at Moser Tower, the 160-foot-tall structure housing the Millennium Carillon in downtown Naperville, you might be inclined to think, climb the stairs to the top? No problem.

But at 14 stories high - and about 10 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty - the hike to the open-air Observation Deck poses some physical challenge; mental, too, if you're sensitive to heights. The reward, however, is a one-of-a-kind vantage of the city, the Riverwalk and Centennial Beach, and on clear days, the Chicago skyline.

"Moser Tower is designed for everyone to enjoy, and we wholeheartedly encourage the public to come and explore the interior of Naperville's latest downtown jewel regardless of physical limitations," said Brien Nagle, chairman of the Millennium Carillon Foundation.

LOCATION: 443 Aurora Ave. • Naperville, IL 60540

PHONE: 630-848-5000