Ogden 6 Theatre

1227 E. Ogden Ave. • Naperville, IL 60563


At Classic Cinemas, they are that company. Their theatres occupy historical buildings throughout the Chicago area. When these buildings were acquired by Classic Cinemas many were in states of disrepair. They've spent countless hours restoring them to their original splendor, preserving as much of the original architecture as possible. The result are unique movie theatres unlike any you will find. Theatres that echo of the golden age of moviegoing and invoke memories of days gone past. But don't let the package fool you. All of our theatres are equipped with the very latest in sound and projection technology. The result is Chris, Shirley and Willis Johnson comfortable, modern moviegoing experience that is truly unique.

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Classic Cinemas works with a number of schools, park districts, organizations and businesses to present a movie event which meets their individual requirements.

For schools and/or park district groups, we typically set up a private morning show if we have at least 75 students. Or some schools prefer to reserve seats at the first matinee show when they have only a small group.

In the past companies have sponsored a special movie around Christmas for their customers and their families. An event can be tailored to suit any special occasion or holiday to add a more festive mood. A theatre is an excellent place to host a meeting with a big screen for your PowerPoint presentations.